Community Service Project


Aviva Children’s Services became ASID Arizona South Chapter’s Community Service Project recipient from October 1, 2010 to April 15, 2011.  Aviva is a Tucson based non-profit agency that provides services to children who have experienced abuse or neglect and are in the custody of Child Protective Services.

Participants included members from ASID Arizona South Chapter, ASID Student Chapters from the Art Institute, Pima Community College, Southwest University of Visual Arts, Northern Arizona University, along with many trades, friends and family members.

Goals of the project were to provide Aviva with the help necessary to complete the 11,500 sq. ft. interior spaces and create an environment that was not only safe, healthy and respectful, but one that encourages family interaction and play in a comfortable, enjoyable setting.  Prior visitation was either at McDonald’s, a park, or in a cold-sterile office not conducive to making kids and families feeling warm or safe under difficult situations.  A pleasant interior was important, but we needed to ensure that it would be an environment that would foster and further the process of healing and help those involved to move closer to family reunification.

Services performed included interior design services – time and materials donated – to accomplish and execute the various designated areas – Reception Area, Family Play Room (Play House, Puppet Theater, Build-A-Bear) , Family Break Area (50’s Diner/Art Room), 7 Visitation areas including a Pirate themed Reading Room, Bathrooms, Visitation Office Staff Room, Life Book Room, and Game Room.

The outcome of the project was most rewarding in that every space and area naturally and effortlessly encouraged interaction between child, parent, or family and staff member.  Staff and families now have a space that they want to come to and visit and feel good while doing so, and return many times over until they can be reunited.

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All photography courtesy Robin Stancliff.